Penthouse №1-2 январь-февраль 2017

Читайте в выпуске Penthouse: Boner popping coffee, fortune telling tits, penis biting spiders, and other world news. • Strap in, drink up, and relive the WWE’s infamous plane ride from hell. • Sex toy reviews for those who don’t knov their ass from their elbow. • Roses are red, violets are blue, more bearded juice boxes are here for you. • Preserve, protect, and grope the constitutional genitals by Steve Faber. • Leah McSweeney tries to help us cope.

Журнал Penthouse №1-2 январь-февраль 2017

Страниц: 150;
Формат файла: pdf;
Размер файла: 155 Мб;
Язык: русский.


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