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WoodCraft Magazine №4-5 April-May 2017

Опубликовано: 23.03.2017
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Читайте в выпуске WoodCraft Magazine №4-5 апрель-май 2017: Build a Bench • Jewelry Chest • Build a Classic Spice Box, Part 2 • Cast Resin Turning • Festool’s portable mortising machines provide joinery options that are fast, accurate, and strong. And there’s more: the new Domino XL knock-down hardware system. • Woodworkers have added this classic detail to doors and drawers for centuries. Learn how to do it with modern tools and synthetic ivory.

Журнал WoodCraft Magazine №4-5 April-May 2017

Страниц: 76;
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Размер файла: 60 Мб;
Язык: русский.


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